Il potere segreto del Xingyi

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Il potere segreto del Xingyi
« on: June 11, 2017, 23:14:40 pm »
 Titolone! :gh:

Ciao a tutti,
segnalo quest'articolo:

Interessante, oltre che il metodo di progressione proposto, anche l'utilizzo di attrezzi supplementari per rinforzare la presa ed "equilibrare" il lavoro interno:

"Those who have reached the anjin stage need to strengthen their external power [wai li], especially of the arms and fingers. Training methods included grabbing sandbags and grabbing clay jars. This strengthening is needed becase in the anjin phase, the joints of your body have opened up and your muscles are naturally relaxed. At this point, you should train to make the arm muscles tight [jin] but subconsciously relax in your practice. This helps to avoid the problem of ‘full legs, light top’ (xia shi er shang qing), because the anjin of xingyi is ‘hard hidden power’, not the relaxation of taiji. Xingyi’s hidden hard power is like steel wire on a reel, or a rotating iron ball. The outside looks soft, but the inside is actually hard."

Buona lettura! :sur:


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Re:Il potere segreto del Xingyi
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leggerò con calma
lo chiamavano jack drake